Cone Beam CT

A Cone Beam CT is a form of 3D dental imaging. During the examination, the machine rotates around the patient’s head, and the data is then reconstructed into a 3D image. Cone Beam examinations allow dentists and doctors to plan surgery for impacted teeth; review dental pathology and trauma; plan dental implants; assess TMJ disorders; evaluate the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals and nasal cavity; and plan endodontic and orthodontic treatment.


No special preparation is required. Patients will be asked to remove jewellery and metallic items from the head and neck region.

During your examination

During the examination, the arm of the machine will rotate slowly around the patient’s head, but will not come into contact with the patient. The patient will be instructed to bite on a small plastic mouthpiece attached to the machine, which keeps the top and bottom teeth separated and helps position the mouth properly in the machine. It is important that patients remain very still during the scan.

Dentists or specialists may provide patients with a special plate to wear during the scan.

After your examination

After your examination, you will be able to resume normal activities.