Just keeping track of weight and BMI may not be enough to show the benefits of healthy choices. a DXA Body composition analysis is a quick and convenient way to see how improving diet, exercise and lifestyle can change your body.

CitiScan Radiology's DXA Body Composition Analysis uses the latest technology to accurately measure whole body and regional lean muscle mass and fat. In conjunction with your doctor, personal trainer, exercise physiologist or dietitian, a Body Composition Analysis can help you tailor an appropriate fitness training or weight-loss program to assist with reaching your goals.

Body composition refers to the amount of fat, muscle and bone in the human body. Because muscular tissue takes up less space in our body than fat tissue, our body composition, as well as our weight, determines leanness. Two people of the same gender and body weight may look completely different from each other because they have a different body composition.

A DXA Body Composition Analysis is able to provide your baseline measurements and track changes in body fat and muscle mass over time, providing useful information to assess progress towards your goal. This scientifically validated technique is available for anyone wanting highly accurate body composition information to help tailor their fitness training or weight-loss program.

A DXA Body Composition Analysis is considered the gold standard measure of body composition, and has been proven to be significantly more accurate than other technologies such as skinfold (calliper) measurements and bioelectrical impedance.


No special preparation is required.

A referral is not required.

During your examination

A Body Composition Analysis takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

You will be asked to change into a gown, and lie on a table whilst the arm of the machine passes over your body.


You will be given a printed copy of your Body Composition Analysis which can be discussed with your doctor, personal trainer, exercise physiologist or dietitian to develop a personalised and targeted program.


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