Labelled White Blood Cell Scan

There is no specific preparation required. You may take your medications as normal.

This test requires a sample of your white blood cells to be "labelled” with a radioactive tracer. A small cannula is inserted into a vein in your arm. A sample of your blood is collected and sent to a special laboratory where the white cells are separated and mixed with a radioactive tracer. This “labelled” sample is then re-injected into your arm via the cannula.

One hour after the injection you will be positioned on the scanning bed with the gamma camera over and underneath you while a 30 minute sequence of images is taken.

Another sequence of images will be taken three—four hours later. During these breaks you are free to leave the department, eat and drink, without restriction.

Our Nuclear Medicine Physician will review the images and issue a report. Once completed, the report will be sent electronically to your referring health professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

This scan is designed to indicate areas of inflammation in the bowel. It is also used to localise and identify areas of infection.

6 hours.

  • Your original request form

  • Medicare and any Government concession pension or health care cards

  • Previous relevant imaging

This examination has no associated side effects.

This examination is not suitable for pregnant women. Breastfeeding mothers may undergo the procedure, but will need to cease breastfeeding for 12 hours after the scan. Breast milk should be expressed & discarded during this period. Breastfeeding may resume after the 12 hours.

Within 4-5 working days.